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Our History

Suasuque, the native name for the hill where the sun shines differently, becomes evident when you visit our family owned farm, which has been producing a variety of cut flowers since the 1980s. Starting with carnations and roses, we began a slow but steady growth process that led to a highly diversified farm in the 1990s, focusing on Alstroemeria, Limonium and a few exotic novelty flowers. We have committed ourselves to growing non-traditional flowers ever since, in order to meet the demand for new and complementary flowers in the market.

Our Team

We work in partnership with the most stable, committed, loyal and caring workers, indeed our most valuable asset. Suasuque proudly ranks among the farms with highest standards of FLORVERDE, in terms of labor stability, salaries, benefits, human development and eco-efficient resource management. We strongly believe that growing flowers with social responsibility and environmental awareness is a crucial step in helping our rural community achieve a better standard of living. As of 2005 we have been also certified ISO 14001 for environmental friendly flower production.

Our Surroundings

In the green and hilly valley of the Teusacá River, 35 km north east of Bogotá, we have two flower growing farms. The micro climate of this area is different from the rest of the Sabana of Bogotá because of higher rainfall averages, lower sunlight levels and cooler mid days. This makes our flowers bloom distinctively in color intensity and vase life longevity. In addition, the soils are unusually variable in structure and texture, due to the geological formation of valley flat lands surrounded by majestic mountains. All this has allowed SUASUQUE to grow successfully a wide range of flowers species with differing root systems and soil requirements.

Our Marketing

Just our production has diversified, so has our marketing. We export to different types of customers in North America, Europe, Russia and the Caribbean, providing them with our professional service. This makes importing SAUSUQUE flowers a rewarding experience. Bulk products, consumer bunches, and special packs are shipped to meet every detail you request. We invite you to keep growing with us!


Suasuque Today

Our 15 hectare greenhouse operation is run by a highly motivated workforce of 150 employees. Our products portfolio is very dynamic, with strong emphasis in offering the best performing varieties of Alstroemeria. We also offer various Limoniums and unique focals such as Kangaroo Paw, Eryngium, Rannunculus, Amarillys and Star of Bethlehem. Together with the best breeders we are constantly trialing new varieties to keep you surprised!

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