Growing Flowers

SINCE 1976​

We globally export different varieties of alstroemerias giving you an exceptional experience.


Over time we have become experts in identifying the potential of many varieties. Additionally, the organic practices that we have established make our flowers have an exceptional performance with the final consumer.

The hill where the sun shines differently

Suasuque is located in the green and hilly valley of Sopó, 35 Km north east of Bogotá. The micro climate of this area is different from the rest of the Sabana due to higher rainfall averages, lower sunlight levels and cooler mid days. This makes our Alstroemeria flowers bloom distinctively in color intensity and vase life longevity.

Our 10 hectare greenhouse operation is run by a highly motivated workforce of 120 employees. Our product portfolio is very dynamic, with strong emphasis in offering the best and latest performing varieties of Alstroemeria.

More than 40 different varieties

Together with the top breeders we are constantly trialing new varieties to keep you surprised!

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